With software that's easy for scientists to use, simple for coders to extend, and built with collaboration at its core, Autodesk Life Sciences is building a cloud platform for the next generation of biological design.

Autodesk is a leader in design software.
Autodesk Life Sciences is founded on the idea that using software can be more intuitive, delightful, and productive when it is designed for the scientists who will use it.


Share, and present, and collaborate on 3D molecular data.

Molecule Viewer is an online 3D visualization tool for modern scientists and students. Create, share, and present interactive, publication-quality 3D molecular walkthroughs in seconds. View your models anytime, anywhere, on your laptop, on your phone, or even in virtual reality.

Molecule Viewer


An extensible toolkit for genetic engineering.

Genetic Constructor brings powerful biological design and genetic engineering to the cloud.

Designing genetic constructs is streamlined and intuitive, with tools that guide you from high-level genome sketches to base-pair editing. Combinatorics and integrated synthesis services bring your engineered biological systems to life, and an integrated plug-in framework lets you tailor the software for your specific design problems.

Genetic Constructor


Molecular modeling for everyone.

Our growing molecular simulation suite enables scientists at all levels to discover, build, and deploy cutting edge simulation workflows. With a Python API for the experts, automated cloud-based workflows for the modelers, and intuitive graphical interfaces for everyone, we’re making simulation easier, more accessible, and more extensible than ever before.

The molecular simulation suite is under development, but is available for private betas - contact us to get started.

Molecular Simulation Toolkit


Biology is the future of design.

Autodesk Life Sciences Platform

With our growing collection of biochemical design tools, and 35 years of experience in computer-aided design, simulation, and visualization, Autodesk Life Sciences is developing a broad platform to enable your research and products. By integrating a wide range of software tools and scientific workflows, we're creating a cloud-based, user-friendly platform for protein engineering that will redefine the way you design, test, and build proteins.

While not yet publicly available, if you’re ready to get a head start, we’re ready to provide you with tailored software solutions.


We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists, product designers and software development experts, singularly focused on advancing science by creating superior technology that people love to use.

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